Meet Red, Amber and the rest of the gang as you get to learn how to use a computer! By the way… Have you heard of flying robots, dancing holograms, tiny aliens, and animals who can use a computer? Get to know them all in ‘Ones and Zeros’!

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Age: 7 Best Friend: George the Gorilla

Red is a curious girl who is just learning how to use a computer. She loves animals, plays sports and collects toys and comics. She is the youngest member of the Ones and Zeros Gang and looks up to her older sister Amber. When she grows up, she wants to be a Vet.

George is a Gorilla who loves eating bananas. He protects Red and carries her around all the time. Don’t let his size scare you, he has a heart of gold and likes taking naps in the afternoon.

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Age: 8           Best Friend: Roy the Robot

Violet is the Hardware Expert of the Group. She loves putting things together and is really good at Maths. She likes teaching her best friend Roy how to use a computer and especially Spreadsheets. When she grows up, she wants to be a Robotics Engineer.

Roy is a Robot who speaks in the Binary Language. He uses ones and zeros to communicate with Violet. He has his own jet pack to fly, and uses his USB port to charge every night. He sometimes gets into trouble because he’s over-enthusiastic.

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Age: 9            Best Friend: Lucy the Hologram

Blue has many interests when it comes to technology. Taking pictures, chatting online and his favorite… playing video games! It’s a good thing his best friend Lucy, makes sure he doesn’t overdo it! When Blue grows up, he wants to be a Professional Photographer.

Lucy is the cheerful A.I. and hologram of the group. She loves dancing, singing, and helps Blue with his presentation skills. She can access the Web whenever she wants and can upload herself on any electronic device.

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Age: 10          Best Friend: Terry the Parrot

Jade is the Software Wiz of the group. She loves programming and creates games for Blue to play. She likes chatting with friends, online gaming and listening to music. Her favorite hobby, is watching films with her friend Terry before going to bed. When she grows up, she wants to become a Computer Programmer.

Terry is a Parrot who likes to imitate voices. He uses the Speech Recognition App on Jade’s computer to play games and watch videos when Jade isn’t using it. His favorite resting spot is Jade’s arm.

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Age: 11          Best Friend: Pip the Alien

Sage is the most popular kid at school and has a huge following on Social Media. His favorite music includes rap, hip hop and never goes anywhere without his headphones. He loves posting on his Blog and likes traveling with his best friend Pip. When he grows up, he wants to become a Professional Blogger.

Pip is a shy and curious little alien from another planet. He and Sage go on trips together around the world in his spaceship. His favorite food and drink are Ice-Cream and Lemonade. Sage is helping Pip start his own Blog, so that his friends back home can see his adventures.

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Age:12             Best Friend: Selene the Cat

Amber is the older sister of Red. She is a YouTuber and her vlog is very popular. Amber posts videos on a weekly basis and usually includes her cat Selene in them. Amber’s style is chic and elegant as she loves fashion and makeup. When she grows up, she wants to be a Model and a Fashion designer.

Selene has become quite the popular kitty, thanks to Amber’s videos. However, she’s not interested in becoming a YouTube sensation. She would rather catch the mouse that’s always on Amber’s desk. Selene is also chic and elegant like Amber and loves sleeping in her lap.