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Ones and Zeroes is an entertaining new six-level primary computer course for young learners. The exciting adventures of the book’s main characters, will engage your pupils’ attention and make ICT learning a wonderful experience. Packed with fascinating facts that spark curiosity, and with new online resources, it’s now easier than ever to bring the world of technology to the classroom and onto the pupils’ computer screen.

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Meet Red, Amber and the rest of the gang as you get to learn how to use a computer! By the way… Have you heard of flying robots, dancing holograms, tiny aliens, and animals who can use a computer? Get to know them all in ‘Ones and Zeros’!

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Build your own Website, use a Microphone to command your computer, start your own Blog, program your first game; the list goes on, as Ones and Zeros covers the required skills your child needs to effectively flourish their command of technology.

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” Matt Mullenweg, Social Media Entrepreneur