Animal Farm
Animal Farm
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Mr. Jones, the owner of Manor Farm, is lazy and doesn’t take care of the animals. This lights the spark of rebellion amount the animals that, following the inspiring words of the wise boar old Major, run Mr. Jones off the farm. Under the leadership of the pigs Napoleon and Snowball, the animals take over the change the farm’s name into Animal Farm. Under the guidance of the Seven Commandments they agree upon, all the animals have high hope of a better life away from the tyranny of humans. However, as time goes by, things don’t turn out the way the animals had hoped.


Animal Farm Animal Farm

Story Land Literature aims to bring the joy of classic literature to the very youngest audience. Tailored to meet the needs of students at preparatory level, each story is selected and re-told to help students gain confidence as they grow their knowledge of English language and literature.


  • Adapted for Students of English,
  • With activity pages and extension work,
  • with pre reading, post reading and critical thinking questions,
  • Accompanied by colourful and engaging illustrations ,
  • Glossary with targeted vocabulary words.
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Eleanor Parkin (Editor),

George Orwell


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