Great Expectations
Great Expectations
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Pip is a blacksmith’s lad who has always dreamed of becoming a gentleman- especially after meeting Miss Havisham, a rich, lonely old lady with strange habits. One night, a mysterious lawyer comes to tell Pip that he is to come into a large amount of money. Pip moves to London where he learns to behave like a gentleman- and spend mone like one. But soon Pip begins to wonder whether Miss Havisham really is his benefactress after all.


Great Expectations Great Expectations

Story Land Literature aims to bring the joy of classic literature to the very youngest audience. Tailored to meet the needs of students at preparatory level, each story is selected and re-told to help students gain confidence as they grow their knowledge of English language and literature.


  • Adapted for Students of English,
  • With activity pages and extension work,
  • with pre reading, post reading and critical thinking questions,
  • Accompanied by colourful and engaging illustrations ,
  • Glossary with targeted vocabulary words.
  • E-book

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Charles Dickens,

Eleanor Parkin (Editor)


Prime Press


Story Land Literature