The Frog Prince – 3A

The Frog Prince - 3A
The Frog Prince - 3A
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A princess once made a promise to a frog, but she soon broke it. But when her own life was in danger, did the frog turn his back on her, or did he help her? Find out in this story of magic and kindness.


The Frog Prince – 3A The Frog Prince – 3A

Story Land readers aim to create a joyful reading experience for students. With their captivating storylines, legendary likeable characters, and brilliant illustrations that are carefully levelled for English learners, students will be able to develop their reading, listening, and comprehension skills in an exciting context. Story Land readers are available in English and French.

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Activities Promoting Critical Thinking, Animated DVD, Fun Play Scripts, Glossary with Targeted Vocabulary, Pre-Reading Discussions, Rich Text with Colourful Illustrations



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Eleanor Parkin (Editor),

Heidi O'mara


Prime Press


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