My Amazing Journey

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Me on Saturn

Of all the planets I have visited, Earth is beyond a doubt the most beautiful I have ever seen. However, its inhabitants, the humans, are most puzzling…

Humans are a peculiar species. They have such a magnificent planet which never ceases to amaze me. Nevertheless, they do not take proper care of it and mindlessly waste all their resources.

My Earth-friend ‘Sage’ keeps telling me that a lot of humans recycle and do their best to save the planet. I only hope they manage to be successful and preserve its beauty.

I am planning on visiting this planet more often as I simply love the food here; especially their ice-cream and lemonade.

I’ll be returning home soon. Till then, my Earth-friend Sage has taught me how to use a blog and I will be posting my thoughts and news here.

Lots of love,


Lemonade for Everyone!

September 8, 2022